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At Omalon, our company’s
development is the aggregate
of our people’s value.

more about the company
more about the company

Our team works on every project with scientific rigor, making the most of its members’ knowledge, technical experience, and diverse skills. Through cooperation and teamwork, we exchange ideas, evaluate data, and develop innovative solutions. Working closely together allows us to meet any challenge with determination and carry out our duties based on our scientific knowledge and shared passion for progress and innovation.

Dimitris Bakalis

General Manager

Sozon Valvis

Head of Οperations

Manos Tzifas

Οperations Μanager

Ilias Panagiotidis

Οperations Μanager

Kostas Saxonis

Landscaping Services Coordinator

Michalis Maggioros

Landscaping Services Supervisor

Dimitris Mitropoulos

Landscaping Services Supervisor

Giorgos Antonopoulos

Pest Control Services Supervisor

Eleni Kalentzou

Landscaping Services Supervisor

Kostas Pierros

Landscaping Services Supervisor

Giorgos Sifakis

Landscaping Services Supervisor

Marianna Tzouani

Landscaping Services Administration

Athanasia Argiropoulou

Pest Control Services Administration

Anastasia Togia


Olga Tsiouni

HR Operations Officer