Pest Control

We offer a wide range of services for the control and deterrence of insects, parasites, and rodents to create a safe and hygienic environment in industrial and residential areas.

To ensure that all processes are implemented according to the highest health and safety standards, we offer additional work and subcontractor supervision services.

Stay informed about pest control tech, eco-friendly landscaping, and industrial risk assessments on Omalon. Optimize facility hygiene with tailored weed plans.

Our Pest Control services include

The Pest Control team

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Our people are the backbone of our company’s success and the driving force behind its development. Their knowledge, experience, dedication, and expertise are the company’s guiding light toward achieving its strategic goals. In a world where technology evolves, and new challenges arise constantly, our experts keep updating their knowledge and skills to keep playing their crucial part in our progress and development.

Manos Tzifas

Οperations Μanager

Giorgos Antonopoulos

Pest Control Services Supervisor

Athanasia Argiropoulou

Pest Control Services Administration