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Our goal is to optimally upgrade interior and exterior spaces by making the most of all aspects of our expertise.

learn more about our services
learn more about our services

Omalon Environmental Services covers the fields of Landscaping and Pest Control. As acclaimed contractors, we administer the maintenance and upgrade of multi-faceted, large-scale, high-standard projects.

Our scientific personnel closely follows all developments and best practices in the Landscaping and Pest Control fields to ensure specialization and expertise. Our services adhere to the highest quality requirements while meeting our clientele’s needs consistently and professionally.

Members of the U.S. Green
Building Council

Members of the Hellenic Facility
Management Association

History & Development

Our constant development is the result of building relationships founded on trust with our clients and partners.

Since our founding in 2014, we have met significant milestones within our sector.
In 2015, we expanded our activity beyond Athens, beginning operations in 5 large cities.
In 2018, we responded to our market’s demands by expanding our services into the landscaping field.
In 2020, we went through a significant restructure. The company changed its legal form, moved to brand new headquarters, and implemented a novel ERP (Energy Resource Planning) system.
In 2021, we adopted a new organizational structure that helped our company increase its business turnover and add new members to its workforce.
In 2023, we did a complete rebranding.
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Our team consists of dedicated, responsible, and scientifically adept professionals.

People are our company’s backbone and driving force. That’s why we have invested in educating our scientific personnel continuously to stay up-to-date and upgrade their skill set.

Each member of our team is an equally valuable piece of Omalon. We encourage our people to collaborate and support each other within a healthy working environment that fosters professional development toward a shared vision.

meet our team
meet our team

Our commitment
to sustainability

is evident in our environmentally friendly methods

  • combining plants and irrigation systems that save water.
  • using noiseless electric machinery that reduces carbon emissions.
  • applying practices and preparations that don’t harm the environment.
  • employing a fleet of electric or hybrid vehicles of the latest Euro 6 technology that leave a low carbon footprint.

Through our tools of choice, we ensure that our professional activities remain sustainable and that our overall work contributes to protecting the environment.