As Landscaping experts, we offer a wide range of services for creating and maintaining green spaces. Our work covers many fields, like large-scale project management and subcontractor supervision. Our experience, attention to detail, and commitment to our clients’ satisfaction ensure the creation of green spaces of impeccable quality and aesthetic excellence.

Elevate your surroundings with our expert landscaping services. From project management to green space maintenance, our team ensures excellence in every detail.

Our Landscaping services include

The Landscaping team

Our people are
our power

Our people are the backbone of our company’s success and the driving force behind its development. Their knowledge, experience, dedication, and expertise are the company’s guiding light toward achieving its strategic goals. In a world where technology evolves, and new challenges arise constantly, our experts keep updating their knowledge and skills to play a crucial part in our progress and development.

Ilias Panagiotidis

Οperations Μanager

Kostas Saxonis

Landscaping Services Coordinator

Michalis Maggioros

Landscaping Services Supervisor

Dimitris Mitropoulos

Landscaping Services Supervisor

Eleni Kalentzou

Landscaping Services Supervisor

Kostas Pierros

Landscaping Services Supervisor

Giorgos Sifakis

Landscaping Services Supervisor

Marianna Tzouani

Landscaping Services Administration